Monday, April 14, 2008

More testimony of God's awesome-ness

The past month has been great, but has flown by! It seems like just yesterday I posted an update blog, but it's been a while again. We are actually hoping to get internet sometime soon, so hopefully these can be more regular!
I actually started a part time job today. It is perfect for me and for my family. We decided a few weeks ago that going to River Stone just wasn't realistic. It's hard because we have gotten so close to everyone in the past year and a half, and we weren't ready to let go yet. We love the church and it will always be part of our family. But, we live over an hour away and it was just too hard because it wasn't our community. So, we decided to go back to the church that we went to when we were here before. I need that community close, too, because Robert works a little more and I knew that I needed mommy friends :).
A few days later we were looking at our budget and realized that me staying home wasn't going to work. So, we looked at me possibly looking for a teaching job for the fall. Very quickly we realized that wouldn't work either, for several reasons. One, I will have had Ethan about 6 weeks before I would have to start a 1st year teaching job. Can we say stressful?? Two, childcare in this area is ridiculous. I looked into the childcare that Lake Travis ISD offers (which the childcare in the district is usually cheaper than most), and discovered that it would cost about $1300 a month for both kids. That plus gas (it's 30 minutes one way), I wouldn't be bringing anything home! So, we decided that we needed to come up with something else. The next day I went to talk to my friend, Lori, who is the children's minister at PRF (our church here). I was just talking about our decision to go back to PRF, and our financial needs and she said, well, I'm looking for someone to help me with the children's ministry! It is about 10 hours a week, and some of those can be at home. It is just enough money to help us, and my mom can watch the kids for free one day a week. I will just do the rest from home. God is so amazing! It all happened in one week and I never hesitated about any of it. It all felt so peaceful and I knew immediately what I needed to do. On top of the extra cash, I get to do something that I enjoy (an amazing ministry) and will be able to get out of the house once a week without the kids. I love working with Lori, she's awesome. Every day God shows me more and more that we are exactly where we are supposed to be. It's definitely not easy, but again, because we are where we're supposed to be, there's just an underlying peace and joy that I don't know that I've ever experienced before. I still worry (that's my nature), but very quickly God reminds me that he is taking care of us. I don't feel like we deserve any of this, but God is amazing and doesn't look at things the same way we do. He loves us as we are and all he wants is an intimate relationship with us. Thank God for His grace and mercy!
Ethan is due in about 2 months! It's going really fast, and part of me isn't ready yet! But, I am excited to meet my new addition soon :). It's going to be an adjustment, but it will be good. Karis seems to be understanding so much more lately. Because my midwife includes Karis in the appointment, she feels a part of it. When she's measuring, she gives Karis a little measuring tape so she can measure too. When she's listening for the heartbeat, Karis is always sitting right there to listen too. Karis will come up to my belly and give my belly hugs and kisses. She knows exactly where Ethan is and where his room is too :). She knows that the crib is for baby Ethan. I know that once he's here she's probably going to wonder when he's going to leave, but for now she seems excited!
God is just so amazing and I again, don't feel like I deserve all that He allows us to have. Praise God for providing an awesome family and friends. Thank God for taking care of us even when we're not sure how things will work out. Thank God for just being who He is!