Monday, March 17, 2008

What's been going on

I'm sorry that it has been so long since I've blogged! We don't have internet at home, so to use internet, I have to go to the office. It's not the easiest thing to do!
Things are going really well. I've had a wonderful few months, and I absolutely love being home with Karis. It is so different this time. I appreciate things so much more. You don't know what you have til you don't have it anymore! At the same time, I'm realistic and know that this fairy tale time will eventually wear off. But, I continue to remember that God wants us here, and that's all I need to get through the hard times. Finances aren't 100% better, but we have everything we need, and that's all that matters! I still worry sometimes how we will pay down our debt, buy groceries and gas, and buy other needs. But, I just trust God, and somehow he makes things work out! I also remember what it was like when we were in San Marcos (as far as finances go), and I am reminded how blessed we are now. We were making several hundred less a month than our expenses were, and we somehow made it! Now we at least have enough to cover our expenses! Praise God! And, we have a wonderful house, food when we need it, and utilities paid for!
Robert is enjoying his job. It feels good for him to be back doing what he was created to do! It's not perfect all the time, but he just deals with the hard moments and treasures the good. It's so much better than doing construction! He is really good at construction, but it is definitely not his calling. He knows now what it is that he is called to do.
Karis turned 2 on Saturday! She's a big girl now! I can't believe it at times. She is SOOO smart. She constantly tries to say her abc's, it's so cute! And she will help me count! I will say a number, and she'll say the next one. She talks in sentences now- 3-4 words :). She LOVES to color and "write," play with play dough, and play outside in her sandbox. She is obsessed with a show on PBS called "word world," and if I would let her, she would watch it all day. She has learned so much from it! She, though, is definitely 2 now. She wants to do everything on her own ("I do it!"), and gets frustrated easily when I don't understand what she wants. She also tests me often, and sits in the "no no chair" a few times a day. But, it could be so much worse. I am truly blessed! She is still my baby in many ways, though. We have a lot of cuddle time and we rock in the rocking chair almost every day. I love her very much and I am so blessed to be home with her.
Ethan is due in 3 months now. In some ways this pregnancy has flown by, and in some ways it is dragging. I am SO big (or at least I feel like it) and I am always pretty tired. I'm glad that Karis takes a nap every afternoon, because it allows me to nap almost every day (when I'm not cleaning). I'm excited to have a little boy, but a little nervous about what life will be like with a newborn and a toddler! I think it'll be okay... rough at the beginning until we get into a routine. I know what to expect with a newborn now, so that is helpful. And, Karis is very easy, so I'm not worried about how I will take care of her.
The plan for now is for me to stay home at least another year. Robert and I decided that since we have everything we need, we're able to at least pay our bills, and I'm having a baby in the middle of the summer, that I will stay home. It's too hard to start a new job 6 weeks after having a new baby, and I can't imagine putting them in child care after being home :). We both feel that teaching is just too stressful for me right now and we'll see how I feel about it in a year. I really wouldn't want to do anything but be home with my babies now!
The closer I get to his birth, the more excited I am about having a homebirth. I am continually doing research and reading wonderful books. It is going to be an amazing experience. I've gotten over what other people think, and have become much more confident in myself and my midwife. It's not that I wasn't confident in my midwife before... I just didn't know as much as I do now about homebirth. I have a hard time trying not to share all of my new-found knowledge with everyone else, so if you don't want to hear about it, just tell me :). I'll spare you for now (since this is SO long!).
I am currently at my grandparent's house in Rockport because Robert is in Dallas training for Lifeguard instructor training. I miss him, but I'm also enjoying my time here relaxing!


stine said...

I love word world too!!!
it is one of the best kids shows on is fetch with ruff ruffman

Crys said...

hi wiz! sorry I had to say bye so abruptly the other day. I'm trying to make up for our lack of "talks" by e-mailing you and messaging you in the same day ;)