Friday, August 15, 2008

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while!!

Hello! I promise, I am still alive :). Life with a toddler and newborn is a lot of work! Plus, I have started yet another part time job.

A few weeks ago I interviewed for and was offered a job as an 8th grade English teacher! It is at a college prep school in Marble Falls called Faith Academy. The school is what's called a University Model school. It is very similar to the schedule and as intensive as a university. I teach on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9:30-11:30 (one class, split into 2). Parents are highly involved in it, because on the days that they aren't at the school, they are working on things at home. The parent is called the co-teacher.

I am very excited, but nervous. The lesson plans are already done for me for the whole year. It's great that I don't have to write them, but it is very intensive, so I'm still having to really study them. It is a lot to learn, because I'm having to reteach myself the grammar rules (I know them, but I just know how to apply them... not the specific rules). We're also doing a LOT of reading and writing. The writing is new to me too, because they use a specific formula. I was given about and hour of training on it! So, pray for me!! We had our first thing with parents last night and I feel as though a lot of these parents are wondering about me :). Because I was JUST hired, there were several questions that I couldn't answer for the parents. I had one parent (jokingly) ask to see my driver's license. She said that I look like I should be a student there. At least I was able to tell them that I'm 26, not 16! But, I already lack a certain amount of confidence that's necessary for being a teacher, and that didn't help! So, this year is going to be a huge challenge. I really feel, though, that I will learn a lot and become so much more confident in myself by the end of the year.

Ethan is growing, fast. Many people think that he's about 3-4 months, not 2! He just turned 2 months yesterday. He's a sweet baby. He's slowly getting easier... he still doesn't like to sleep though. He is not a napper like Karis was. Although, I'm not sure if she was a napper at this time either. So, he may get better at it. I absolutely need him to start napping more because I do all of my work from home! I can't get much done. Karis is also wanting more of my attention lately (because I give it to brother), so I feel like I'm constantly going. I love it, but don't think that I want any more children :). I think we're good with 2! We have a boy and a girl! We'll see what happens in a few years. I don't want to say that I never want more, because I may not have a choice. God is in control of that!

Anyway... life is GOOD. God is amazing. Everything has happened so perfectly. I wouldn't be able to work at FA if God hadn't worked everything out so well. I have childcare lined up, and it's perfect! I'm so excited to see how this year goes! Pray for me!!
Let me know how I can be praying for you!!!

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