Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My grocery shopping experience

I just have to brag about my grocery shopping experience yesterday!!! :) We forgot our list, and it turned out better that we did. Normally I buy what's on sale, what items have coupons, etc. That normally turns out to be a lot of food that isn't natural or healthy. I have wanted to get away from that (we used to eat a lot healthier), but didn't think we could afford it. Yesterday, we bought mostly organic/natural items, and we only spent $64 for the week (including formula)!! We didn't buy anything that we didn't need, and everything we bought was healthy! I'm so excited, and looking forward to grocery shopping in the future!!

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Still standin' said...

Good for you, Courtney! I was worried about spending more, too, when I switched to shopping healthier. But I found that if I planned all my meals well, from breakfast to supper, I didn't spend more to buy whole foods. You should look for a health food co-op in your area to participate in, too. That's the way to really save on food that's good for you!