Monday, November 8, 2010

Okay, Truly Waiting Patiently :)

I found out yesterday that I have strep... so I'm home one more day... and I'm ONLY staying home because the doctor said to.  I'm really starting to feel better, but supposedly I could still be contagious until the antibiotics have had 24 hours to take affect... so here I am... tired of sitting on my couch!  I am going to try to use this time wisely and get lesson plans finished... but I will start the day with a little blogging :).

Waiting to Buy a House...
As I have mentioned several times, technically, we could be ready to buy a house by January/February.  And I have enjoyed looking at homes and starting the process, but I have been very stressed about it.  The reason why is because even though we could "technically" and "potentially" move out then, and that's what I want, it doesn't mean that is best.  So, I think we will most likely spend some time saving, and just relaxing about the whole "house hunting" thing until it's truly more realistic for us to move out.  This way, we will move when I'm not working (summer!), we'll have less expenses because we won't be paying childcare (which will help with moving expenses and fixing things up as needed), and we will have a few months to get used to everything before school starts again.  I think it would be very difficult to move during the school year anyway!  AND, Karis won't be in childcare next year, so that will help a lot too!  We might be able to open up our options a little bit if we are more patient... and since this will be a place where we will live long term, I don't want to rush into anything. 
Also, if we wait, then Robert will be able to actually start school in the Spring (which would be hard to do if we were buying a house in February).  That is the whole reason we moved up here in the first place!

We'll see what happens.  If we find a place that we LOVE in April, and we have the means to go ahead and buy, we might do that.  But, as of now, our goal is to be patient and wait till summer :).  We'll see how that goes!!

Finding Ways to Save Money and Making Some Changes
In the mean time, we are trying to "reprioritize" our budget so that we are able to save a sufficient amount.  With being busy, we have started doing things more conveniently... which costs more... a LOT more.  We definitely eat out more than we should, and even going to the grocery store consists of finding ways of eating that are more convenient, yet still healthy... which makes it more expensive.  Another thing that happens is that we buy groceries for the week, then eat out a few times and not use the food, and it goes to waste.  So, Robert feels that it is best to just buy for a few days at a time (ONLY what we will need for a few days) since his job is right across the street from a Sprouts, he drives right by a Whole Foods, and Urban Acres is just a mile from my job.  That way, we don't buy more than we need... we ONLY buy what we need, and it will get used right away.  We will still make a menu for the week, but we won't buy a ton of food at once that will get wasted. 

We're also going to try to make some changes in our current living space to make it more organized and more liveable for us.  One of the reasons that it is difficult is that there is a lot of furniture crammed into a small space... And we are SO disorganized because the desk is kind of shoved in the far corner of our bedroom.  So, we are going to try to make some changes soon that will help us make our space more practical, usable, and organized!  Even though it isn't our own home, we have the whole upstairs with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a living room all to ourselves.  So, it isn't a bad arrangement... especially since it is temporary.  And with this arrangement, we are able to save up a lot faster to buy a house than we would if we were renting.  In fact, it would probably take us years to save to buy if we were renting.  So, I am very thankful to my inlaws for putting up with a family of 5 invading their house for a year!  For some reason I am able to see all of this so clearly now and see how God orchestrated everything so perfectly!  I'm just impatient :).  Good things come to those who wait!

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