Friday, September 30, 2011

Teaching Resources

Here are some resources; check back in the future for more info on how I use each resource!!

Check out some great websites:
Pinterest (just search for classroom management, reading, etc and see many great ideas and resources!)
Classroom Freebies (great free things for the classroom!)
Teacher Pay Teachers (teacher made items for free or really cheap!)
Teacher's Notebook (another website with teacher made items for free or really cheap!)
Whole Brain Teaching (classroom management ideas that all teachers use at our school)
Clip Chart (this is what I use in my classroom for behavior management)
Teacher Tipster (hillarious and practical tools to use in your classroom)
The Cornerstone for Teachers (classroom management/organization ideas)
Teaching Resources  (organization ideas)
Mrs. Meacham's Classroom Snapshots (an amazing teacher website)

Here are some great teaching supply websites:
Teaching Supply Store (really CUTE stuff for cheaper than anywhere else that I've seen!)
Really Good Stuff (mainly great because you can pay over 3 months!)

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