Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to My Mama!

I'm so thankful for such an amazing mama.  She has taught me so much over the years about life, and I know that I turned into the person I am today because of her (well, through God's sovereignty).  She cares so much about others and would truly do anything that she needs to in order to help someone else.  She is non-judgmental and loves others right where they are.  She took me to church as a child and taught me about Jesus.  She supports me in any decision that I make, but is honest when I need to hear truth.  She loves my children so much and truly wants to be with them as much as she possibly can, allowing me some much-needed rest at times.  We have always been close... through the good and the bad.  And I know we will stay that way! 

I know today is a tough day for my mom because of the loss of my brother, but I'm hoping and praying that she'll remember the good times and be thankful that she has so many great memories. 
One thing that she has taught me that means more than anything is that we need to enjoy every moment in life... the hard and easy... the good and bad... the sleepless nights and the refreshing moments... the fits that the kids throw and the "I love yous" from them as well.  Every moment is a blessing and we should enjoy it because we never know when it will be our last. 

I love you mom!!! 

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