Thursday, July 26, 2007

My Amazing Daughter

Being a mother is the best, hardest, and most rewarding thing I have ever done. Karis amazes me every day. I always tell everyone that she is brilliant, but of course I would think that :). Today she has been showing me how much she can do, and it amazes me. She has grown up a lot even over the past week. Today when we were at the store, she was trying to write with my pen on my grocery list, like she was copying me. When she did it, she would say some random letters. She'll just start singing the alphabet song at many points throughout the day (of course, it's her version, but I love it). I gave her a block to play with when we were in the car and it had the letter E on it. I didn't tell her that, I just gave it to her. She looked at it and said, "E, E, E, E..." over and over again. She's a genius! Haha. And for the second time in the past week she walked up to me while I was cooking dinner and gave me her shoes to put on her. I told her, "go get your socks." She turned around and went back to her room. She brought me one. I said, "go get the other one," and she comes back with both of them and sits down for me to put them on her. She knows what eyes, ears, nose, and mouth are. She knows A LOT of words. Duck (she loves ducks), Bath, Juice, Book, Hi, Night Night, No, Baby, Puppy (then she barks), Dadda, Mamma, PawPaw, NaNa (supposed to be Granny), Meemaw, Thank You, I Love you (kinda), I do it (well, her version is more like "I do"), and Bye Bye being a some of her favorites. She mimics words all day long. She is growing up so fast. Part of me is excited about the new journey of toddlerhood, but another part of me just wants my little baby back. Although, I do like the fact that she likes to cuddle more now, and she likes to give big hugs and occasionally a big wet kiss. She's a very loving child. She'll hug me and pat my back. It's so stinkin cute. She's pretty easy too. We just recently got her a toddler bed, and she transitioned to it really easily. It only took a few days, and now she seems to love it. We made her room into a "big girl room," complete with the play kitchen and food, a table and chairs, and educational posters on the wall. She plays in there all the time now. She loves it. I think it's my favorite room in the whole house :). It's fun, yet not too busy (so she can go to sleep).
I emailed the director of the school that I'm going to be working at part time (and the one that she will be going to) and got the curriculum so that I can add to it here at home. I'm real excited about it! I am going to be able to put my passion of teaching into my child :).
Anyway... I haven't talked about Karis in a while, so I thought I'd just update everyone on how much she has grown up :).
I can't wait to have another baby, but I'm also scared because Karis is so easy, we'll probably end up with a terror child for our next one :). That's what people keep telling me! Haha... Oh well!

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