Friday, October 12, 2007


I found out on Wednesday that I'm pregnant!!! And, I was offered a job in the same day! I was also called for an interview at a different school!! God is GOOD!

Robert and I decided on Monday that because of our financial situation, the preschool wasn't going to suffice. So, we decided that I would start looking for a job. We also decided that we would wait to try for another baby, maybe a year or two (God was probably laughing at us!). Anyway, I went into the school that I used to work for, and the principal is looking for someone to do math intervention (basically the pay of a permanent sub). It wouldn't be a "full time teaching job," but it would get me back in there. Next year she's moving to a new school, and I would pretty much have my choice between the two schools!! Then, yesterday, I got a call from another school (well, a message) to interview there (it's in the same district). It's also not a full time teaching position, but it's possibly closer to one. It's a math intervention teacher 1/2 time position. I'm going to call today to get more info about that. And, I found someone to watch Karis (and the new baby!) from home, that I'm comfortable with, and have known for years. God is Good!!

I didn't think that I wanted to work full time, but I truly miss being in the schools. As much as I love the people that I work with at the preschool, I'm not really a preschool teacher... it just feels like babysitting to me. I want to TEACH! I will miss being able to spend the day with Karis though... it will be an adjustment :(. But, I know that God is providing the things that we need, so I'm trusting Him! I need to just suck it up! :)

After I was offered the job at the school I worked at last year, I found out I was pregnant! (actually, late that night!) I'm still in complete shock.

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