Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My job

Life is wonderful. God has blessed me tremendously. I have gone through these past few months (well, really past year) for a reason! Praise God for His faithfulness, even when I'm not faithful. I don't understand His love for me. I don't deserve anything!
I started my job on Monday, and I LOVE it. I am doing math intervention at the school that I worked at last year, and my experience so far has been so much more positive than it was last year. The person that I work with is awesome! Currently, my job is pretty easy and stress free. I am working (with the MI teacher) to pilot a new assessment for the kinder and 1st grade teachers. Then, once the assessment is done, the teachers will begin doing interventions in the classroom (with our help for now). After that is done, then we can begin pulling them out of the classroom for interventions. This is a new program, and takes a lot of work on the teachers part, so they are struggling with the idea. The point is to keep the kids in their classroom as much as possible (pulling them out is sometimes harder because then they miss what's going on and it's a spiraling effect). Our job is to help them in that process. Once the assessments are done, my job is to input the grades onto this website, and we will get charts to see which kids are low, average, and high and in what areas, so we know how to help them. Anyway... it's very different than what I imagined I would be doing, but I'm learning a LOT.
I'm sure you really don't care to read about the details of my job, but to me it's pretty cool. I know that I was supposed to do this! Everything happened at the exact perfect moment. I was supposed to only work part time for a short period so that I could do this job. Next year, I will probably be a full time teacher, but this is a great way to begin.
The pregnancy is going pretty well so far... to read about that, go to I try not to be too detailed on my regular blog because some people don't want to read about certain things :). A lot of times I forget that I'm even pregnant because I have so much going on! But, I am quickly reminded!

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