Monday, June 9, 2008

He's not due yet!

After the weekend that I had, many people have had opinions about what should be happening right now. One comment that I have heard several times is that if I had gone to the hospital, I could've had the baby by now. That's not necessarily true! If I would have gone in, they would have sent me home because I wasn't really progressing. Or, if they would have admitted me, they would've given me pitocin and it wouldn't have worked because my body wasn't ready! I would've ended up with an unnecessary c-section. All that has been happening is warm up labor... it's my body getting ready for the real thing. Once I go into labor, it's going to go fast because my body is doing a lot of work, slowly and without too much pain/discomfort! I'm not even due for another 12 days! It's still early. Ethan is not ready to come out. If he was, he would have come by now! He is in a great position and is very low. His heart beat has been perfect... there's no concern with his safety. It is completely normal for some women to have days to weeks of warm up contractions. I was lucky with Karis and I didn't. This time, I am having it, and it's frustrating, but it's more frustrating that people keep telling me their opinions! It makes me constantly feel like I've done something wrong, when I'm just allowing my body to do what it's going to do! My labor hasn't started yet, and when it does truely start, I will have him! When he's born, I'll let you know!

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