Friday, October 2, 2009

Balance, Priority, and Perspective

Every time I make a list of specific goals for myself or try really hard to do things one way, I end up frustrated.  Knowing the fact that our life is so crazy and unpredictable, knowing that I am working and being a mom of two, and knowing that I am pregnant, you would think I would just cut myself some slack.  I desire to do things a certain way so much that I get frustrated or stressed when I can't.  Well, here we go again.  I made a list of goals, wasn't able to complete them, and I end up frustrated with myself.  I am TRYING so hard to learn to let things go.  I don't know how some women can do all that they desire to do (or at least it APPEARS that way), but I can't.  I am STILL trying to learn to live with balance.  All I can do is my best... why is it easier for other people to see things that way and it's so hard for me? 

When this happens, I have to remind myself of what my priorities are:
1) My relationship with Jesus
2) My family
3) Ministry (for me this is teaching)
4) Friends

The things that are important to me, but I need to keep in perspective are:
~ A clean home
~ Feeding my family nutritious food (and making things homemade as much as possible)
~ Limiting toxins in our home

I don't know why I have to remind myself of these things OVER and OVER again.  I just do.  I pray that one day I will achieve balance and that I won't worry too much when I can't do things perfectly.  It's really hard to know what's best but not be able to do it 100%.  But, really, what's best is to love my God with all my heart, mind, soul, and strength and to love my neighbor as myself.  As long as I am striving to do that, I am doing okay :).

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