Saturday, February 6, 2010

38 1/2 weeks

So I just realized that I never updated about my last appointment with my midwife.  I had my appointment on Thursday.  I was still 1 cm dilated, but the baby is even lower... at +1 station.  And, if you know anything about the stations, you know that he can't get much lower!  So, we'll see.  She said it could be any day, or it could be a few weeks.  It's hard to say.  All I know is that with how low he is, I am SUPER uncomfortable.  Most clothes don't fit me anymore because nothing covers my belly.  Most of the time I HAVE to wear a jacket in order to not show off my belly :).  It's a bit frustrating!  But, I know that he'll be here soon... even if it's a couple of weeks.  Although, these days, even a day seems like forever.  I don't have the energy that I had even a week ago.  It's just the end.  I'm tired.  I'm cranky.  I'm ready.
And, as much as I was hoping I wouldn't get as big as I did with Ethan, I'm pretty sure I am just as big or bigger.  Maybe not... but it sure feels that way.  Here's a picture from today:

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