Saturday, January 22, 2011


Throughout my life, the majority of the time when things got tough, I assumed that it wasn't God's will and I quit.  I took the tough time as a "sign" that we weren't doing the right thing, and I decided that it would be easier to just stop doing whatever it is that we were doing.  Now, I wouldn't say that was the case for every situation, but I have done that many times.  When things didn't seem emotionally "right," I moved on or stopped trying. 
I had a breakthrough this week.  I finally came to the realization that at the times in which I KNOW God is wanting me to do something and it gets really hard, Satan is trying to break me down.  He's trying to get me to quit.  So, he pulls out all of the things that I struggle with (all lies) and points them out and makes things very difficult.  I am thankful for people in my life that are blatantly honest with me even when it's difficult... many people reminded me of my call, what we KNOW God wants us to do, and my passion... even in the midst of my wanting to just quit.  Robert, my mom, my friend Cindi, my principal at school, etc.  I'm thankful for people pushing me to do what I know to be God's will even when I don't want to.  I'm thankful for the reminders that it's not about feelings or emotions, because those can lie to us... It's about truth and following His will even when it's tough. 

Life is just hard, and if we quit everytime things get hard, we will never do anything. 

So, today I am confident in what the Lord has called our family to, and I will not allow Satan to convince me otherwise.  With Jesus' power, we WILL get through the hard times and God will be glorified. 
I am thankful for a supportive husband and someone that doesn't follow what the world says to be truth, but what the Lord calls us to despite the pressures.  He is good at ignoring those pressures :).  In doing what we're doing, I'm truly following my husband's lead and letting go of that control.  I'm not meant to be in control (and thank goodness because I am SO emotionally lead). 

I'm nervous but excited about the times ahead!  At the moment, we really have no clue what's going to happen even in a month, but that's a good thing.  If we knew, we would be living in the future and not in today. 

So if you're having a hard time, and you KNOW that what you're doing is the Lord's will, just hang on to that!  Don't allow Satan to sway your belief just because things are hard.  Keep pressing on!

We are going to be headed out this afternoon to look at houses and I'm excited!  I know that whether or not we find a house today, we will find one in His time... when He feels that we are ready.  It will be just the right house for our family (even if it's not perfect!). 
I'm just ready to be a part of our community in Oak Cliff!  I'm thankful for our church family, my job, and that God has called us to such a cool area :). 

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