Saturday, January 15, 2011


I think God knew that I needed yesterday more than I did.  I was able to rest, take a nap, and reflect.  I spent a lot of time thinking and praying through things, and Robert and I talked a lot about things last night.  I came to a place in which I am at peace with the fact that God has called us to Oak Cliff and I am called to teach where I'm teaching. 

When I was thinking through things, God reminded me that 1) I need to follow my husband's lead, 2) God has used me to affect the lives of others and He has more in store, 3) He has placed us in the church family that He has for a reason.  All of that was enough to finally just stop trying to control everything and allow Him to work in my life.  I have been at peace ever since.

This morning/early afternoon I had ESL training, and I had even more reminder that I am right where I'm supposed to be.

Then... we went house hunting this afternoon.  We saw a lot of houses that I am NOT interested in, but we also found a house that we LOVE.  It has 1757 square feet, hard wood floors, two living areas, huge windows, a dining room, has been taken care of WELL, backs up to a creek, has a nice deck in the back, the neighborhood is great, and it just felt like home (and the street name is Homewood Place :).  It seems like it's just right for our family!  We're working out a few details, but we'll be putting an offer on it asap.  My realtor has already talked to the seller's agent and they know what our stipulations are already and made it clear that they are motivated.  So, I'm praying that all works out!

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