Friday, November 7, 2008

Our Productive, Family Day

Today was a productive day. Robert was off, and I just worked half a day, so we got a lot done :).

Someone gave us a chair to put in our living room. So, that left us with another piece of furniture, but none of it matched. So, we covered everything, and now most of it matches :). We call our furniture "college furniture," but we don't complain because every piece of it was free. So, we make it work. We see no reason to buy new furniture until this stuff breaks or something :).

We made another batch of homemade crackers tonight. They are amazing. They are called Olive Oil Crackers. Recipe to follow in another blog.

We also made homemade pizzas. These are very different pizzas. The dough is homemade, the "sauce" is actually cottage cheese (1 1/2 cups), parmesan cheese (1/2 cups), oregano, sage, garlic, sea salt, and splash of milk blended together (in a blender). You spread that on the homemade dough (after it's been cooked for 8 minutes), put some garden fresh, sliced cherry tomatoes, add a slither of olive oil and some more sea salt, and bake it for a 8 more minutes. YUMMY.

To end the night, I made no bake oatmeal brownies. This was a family recipe. They are very easy. Again, I will post a recipe later.

It was a fun day :). I enjoyed every bit. We did everything as a family. I love spending time with my family!! And, I love cooking/baking!!

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Lisa Clark said...

Oooh, Courtney, your pizza sauce sounds yummy! Mine and Savannah's favorite pizza is a chicken and spinach pizza with white sauce. We'll be trying your sauce soon.