Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ten things that Robert loves

I was telling Robert that I was tagged to write about ten things that he loves, and all he said was: Courtney, Karis, and Ethan (in no specific order) :). That makes me happy!!

1) Jesus- He has a deep, true love for Jesus. He loves praising Him, reading His word, and praying to Him. He is a true servant. He is here to serve Jesus, and only Jesus. He's human, just like everyone else, so he's not perfect. But, it's what's on the inside that matters!! He has a wonderful heart.

2) His family- Robert and I have been married almost 5 years, in December! :) In that five years, we have had 2 children! He is an amazing husband and amazing father. He always puts our needs before his needs. He has done a wonderful job of taking care of us, and I know he always will. I LOVE LOVE LOVE him with all of my heart!!! He is very hands on with the kids, always taking care of their needs: from bathing, to feeding, to dressing. He reads books to Karis and plays with her. He changes diapers, and helps Karis with the potty.

3) Camping- He has loved camping since he was a child. He used to go all the time, but we have only gone a few times since we've been married :(. We're working on some more camping trips. If he could camp every weekend, he would!! He would camp with nothing but a sleeping bag and enough food to survive!

4) Old Vehicles- He LOVES old vehicles. He can look at one as we're driving and practically start drooling, and I will not understand it because to me they are just rust buckets ha!

5) The Outdoors, in general- He would always rather be outside, doing anything, than be inside. He loves mountains. He wishes the camp was in the mountains. I won't move out of state, so he's stuck here without them :(. He grew up going to New Mexico all the time, so he was used to be around snow and mountains. He hasn't been since we got married in '03! Of course, we went to the mountains for our honey moon!

6) Cooking and baking- I know, this seems weird knowing Robert, but he's an amazing cook! He loves to experiment with recipes, or just throw something together without a recipe. He's much better at baking bread than I am... I am working on it! Without him, I probably wouldn't have the love for cooking and baking that I do. With this love, comes the love for cookware, appliances, and anything that has to do with the kitchen :). Everytime we're at the store, we have to take a detour to the kitchen department. It cracks me up.

7) 42- The domino game. Enough said.

8) Friends- He loves hanging out with people, talking, and having a good time. We haven't been doing as much of this since Ethan was born, but he still enjoys it!

9) Coffee- We both love coffee :). Our absolute favorite thing to do is get up before the kids do and sit on the porch with a hot cup of coffee. This is especially great when it's cold outside!!

10) Natural, "crunchy," "granola" things- He hates using styrofoam plates and cups, he wishes that we could recycle here at the camp, we're going to start a compost pile and organic garden in the spring, he's the one who mentioned cloth diapers in the beginning, he's the one who started researching what it would take to get a goat, he's the one who got me into baking/cooking from scratch, I would never had looked into homebirth if he wouldn't have been so supportive (and he preferred homebirth!), the list could go on and on. I'm so thankful for this side of him because I love that we're both the same in this area now!! :)

We used to have different loves/likes, but the longer that we're married, the more those are starting to mesh together. It was pretty neat writing this because I've begun to realize how much we have both changed!!

I tag Emily!! :)

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