Friday, August 7, 2009

12 Weeks

I had my 12 week appointment yesterday, and it went really well :). I got to meet my midwife's assistant/apprentice, and I love her already. I also got to hear the heartbeat. It took a while to find because my pulse was so loud haha. But, they eventually found it, and it was strong and perfect. It was in the spot that I swear I keep feeling some kind of movement already. It's not ever strong, but by the third one, I think I know the difference between a gas bubble and baby! She felt for the fundal height (the top of the uterus), and she said it's a little high, but mostly right on. So, I guess I'm not a whole month ahead :). I always measure a week or two ahead, and both of my babies were born about a week early, so I might be a week ahead... but that's probably it.
The appointment was mostly paperwork, then the typical listening to the heartbeat, taking blood pressure, peeing on a stick, etc. Those things will happen every time. Next time I will have a little bit of blood work done.

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Christabelle said...

So happy to hear it! I always love hearing the heartbeat for the first time. There's an instant connection. Glad your feeling pretty good about your due date. I'll bet that kicking gets more noticeable in the coming weeks!