Saturday, August 15, 2009

Two Week Meal Plan

We're back to making meals at home this next week! I'm very excited! :)
Here's my two week meal plan:

~ Breakfast tacos
~ Cheese grits
~ Eggs and toast
~ Yogurt, cereal, and fruit
~ Cottage cheese and fruit
~ Peanut butter and honey (or jelly) sandwich
~ Muffins

~ Sandwiches
~ Tuna
~ Chicken salad
~ Boiled eggs, avocados, cheese, veggies, fruit
~ Quesadillas
~ Leftovers
~ Dining hall

~ Homemade Pizza
~ Meatloaf, veggies
~ Pasta and homemade sauce
~ Chicken and rice, veggies
~ Cheese Enchiladas
~ Chicken noodle soup (w/leftover chicken)
~ Black bean wraps
~ Pinto beans and rice
~ Refried beans and cheese tacos (w/leftover pinto beans)
~ Southwestern chicken (crock pot)

1 comment:

The Man Crew said...

Courtney, all these plans sound yummy! Glad that you are once again feeling up to cooking the way you feel the family should be eating! Way to go...hurray!