Monday, November 23, 2009

Homebirth from the Perspective of a Momma of 8

There is a blog that I read sometimes that I love because it totally focuses on eating homemade whole foods, doing things naturally, but it's from the perspective of a momma that is older and has true experience in life.  She doesn't ever seem to have it all together, but she just gives the information that she has learned over the years.  It's not about all-organic, grass-fed, etc.  She gives LOTS of tips on how to do things frugally and homemade.  Anyway... one thing that I love is that she wrote a blog about homebirth, and it is so well written and easy to understand that I thought I would share.  She has had 5 homebirths (she has 8 children total), and she gives information on the benefits, safety, medical intervention that impedes natural progression of labor, etc.  Check it out:
The Family Homestead: Homebirth

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