Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Week

This week has been one of craziness and rest all in the same breath.  It started with having a Thanksgiving meal at my Meemaw's (my dad's side of the family) last Sunday.  Not everyone could be there on Thursday, so she just decided to have a meal on Sunday.  Then, we hung out with some great friends that evening and didn't get home til after 11:00 (which is late for us!).  It was a great day, though.

Monday we had another Thanksgiving meal, here with our camp family.  That was another great meal!  We took Karis to my mom's because she and Karis needed to finish a project that they started, and Robert, Ethan, and I went to Whole Foods to get some groceries.  It was fun :).

Tuesday we spent the day doing NOTHING.  We didn't even get out of our pajamas til early afternoon :).  It was wonderful.  We watched t.v., did some things online, and just hung out.  It was the perfect day before going out of town.

Wednesday we drove to Abilene (Robert's family) and it was a pretty stressful drive.  Ethan does NOT travel well.  He cries/whines/screams almost the whole time.  It makes a person crazy after a while :).  It took us more than an extra hour to get there. 

Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, was great.  We all pitched in and made our various "pieces" of the meal, and it was WONDERFUL.  We spent the rest of the day just resting and enjoying each others' company.  The rest of the time that we were there, the men worked outside on some things, and the women and children just hung out and rested.  It was a great time for me to get some naps in and just be.  It was much more relaxing than the usual trip out of town :).  I'm very thankful to Robert's mom and sister for allowing me the opportunities to take a nap!

We decided to come home late Saturday so that the kids would sleep most of the way, and it worked out!  It was a very stress-free, quiet trip home.  Robert and I had great "talk time."  I love quiet trips home.

Yesterday, Sunday, Robert and I ended up sleeping too late to go to church :(.  But, that afternoon we were able to go to town all alone, with-out the kids!  Our friend Christa here at camp watched our kids so that we could run errands alone.  We ate Schlotzky's for lunch (and had a wonderful Cinnabon cinnamon roll!), and ran many errands.  We bought the new car seat (with a 20% off coupon!), re-newed our Sam's membership, bought several Christmas gifts (especially this kids'!), some groceries, etc.  Although, we have to take the car seat back today because it's broken :(.  But, oh well.  It was a great, relaxing time of shopping when normally it's completely stressful :).

I would show some pictures of Thanksgiving, but I just realized that they are mostly of the food :).  I don't have many pictures of the people that were present!  I will get some from family and post them soon!

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