Thursday, March 11, 2010

Just a Quick Update

Sleeping Arrangements
Things seem to be smoothing out in a lot of ways the past few days.  We decided to move Levi into his own room a few days ago, and it has been much better for all of us.  We ALL sleep better.  Robert and I both have a hard time with our babies sleeping in the same room as us... we have every time.  We would always wake up when the baby makes a sound.  Levi has been sleeping in 2-2 1/2 hour chunks now, which is long for him!  Another thing that it did for us was help us to have more normalcy again with having our bedroom back to ourselves.  It helps things a lot.

This is pretty much the same as the last time I posted.  Some days it seems like I could exclusively breastfeed because he takes very little supplement, and some days it seems like he takes a lot of supplement.  I pretty much just try to take it one day at at time right now.  We'll see how things go :).  I was able to pump out about 1 1/2 oz yesterday which is a lot for me :).  So, that's a good sign!  I plan to start pumping more regularly and save the milk that I pump out so that I can feed that to him and not give him as much formula.
His gas seems to have subsided greatly because we changed formulas, but I know it would go away even more if I hardly gave him any formula. 

The Older Kids
Except for yesterday being a rough day, they seem to be doing better and getting used to things.  My goal lately is to try to spend some one on one time with them as often as I can. 
Today, Karis started throwing a fit and I gave her a spanking and put her in her room.  Within just a couple of minutes she stopped.  I went into her room, and she said "I want to say I'm sorry," and "I want to tell Ethan I'm sorry" (she accidentally hit his cheek when she started her fit).  She did that all on her own!  So, I am finally seeing that the way we're disciplining is working... it just takes a while.  Plus, just spending that extra time with each one helps. 

I'll try to write some more soon!

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The Man Crew said... glad to hear of things looking up for you on all fronts! Hurray for less formula, hurray for less fit, less gas and MORE sleeping...what a wonderful update! Thanks! Isn't God GOOD??