Wednesday, June 23, 2010


God has shown us over and over and over again that this is definitely the journey that we are to take... I'm so thankful that He has made it clear because it won't be easy!  But, it is going to be an amazing journey.  I'm looking forward to all of the things that He is going to show us/teach us over the next few years!
When I actually have a moment to sit and think and listen to the Lord, the thought of a new beginning resonates sweetly over me... a new season... a new life...
I know it won't be easy... I know that difficulty will come... I know that we will have moments in which all we can do is rely on Jesus to get us through... and after going through that the past 7 months, I know that HE will give me the strength that I need to get through.  I trust Him.  I don't have the fear of difficult times that I once had.
But past the difficult times, I see a whole new world of opportunities that will be opened to us.  I am amazed at how precisely God has worked out all of the details.

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