Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm Getting Excited Now :)

My mom and dad took all three kids for today through tomorrow afternoon, so I have had a lot of quiet time to think.  It's been good.  I had several days of sadness as the reality of leaving our family and friends hit me, and now the excitement is hitting me again!  As I've been thinking today, I'm realizing all that Robert has sacrificed for his family, and I'm excited that he's finally going to have a chance to get his degree... something he has wanted to do since he quit school back in 2003. 
We've been discussing the best option for majors for him, and we've gone back and forth between just going to Dallas Baptist University and finishing what he started at Howard Payne (Christian Studies), going to University of North Texas and getting a Recreation Administration degree, or going anywhere he can get in and getting an Education degree.  We have decided that Education will be the best route for many reasons.  One, he can get a job teaching, most likely, right out of school (since he's male and will be doing middle school/junior high, it shouldn't be difficult for him to find a job).  Two, we will have the same schedule as teachers, meaning summers and holidays off together.  Three, he could still get a job at camp if he would like, and he can do what he would like (Outdoor Education and/or Recreation).  Four, as a family, we can serve at camps during summers.  Robert's dream would be to serve for a month at the camp that he grew up at in New Mexico (Camp Monequiwah sp?). 
No matter where he goes, he's probably going to have to spend quite a bit of time at a community college first.  He didn't do well in college the first time (mainly because he enjoyed the socializing part too much... and he changed schools and majors about 4-5 times), so he's going to have to re-take several classes to replace grades.  His GPA is so low right now that he won't be able to get in anywhere.  Plus, it's cheaper to go to community colleges anyway, and they are usually much more flexible.  The first year, he's probably going to take one class in the fall, and 2, maybe 3 classes in the Spring.  We'll see.  We're just taking it one day at a time. 

I have decided to start looking for teaching jobs, though, I am only applying to University Model Schools (like Faith Academy, the school that I worked at the past two years).  I have emailed three administrators and already heard back from two.  One of them may have some positions open, including 4th grade and some middle school.  The other told me that she may have a position open up in a week or two, and to call her when we get up to Dallas and she will know by then if that position is open.  I asked her if it would be full time or part time, and she said it would be considered full time, but only Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Both of them seemed very interested because I know the model, and I have taught at Faith Academy (which is well known among the University Model circle).  So, I'm just praying through those options... I know that a door will open where ever God wants me... and if a door doesn't open, then I'll just stay home this year :).  I won't be bringing much money home after childcare anyway... it's more a way to get me back into teaching, to give the kids a way to attend Mother's Day Out, and to give us a little extra money.  We'll see what happens :).  Unfortunately, we won't be able to put the kids in a UMS because of the cost... especially while Robert's in school.  So, next year, I may look for a full time teaching position and I will be able to bring Karis to school with me.  Of course, I won't put it past God to make it work if it's His will :).  I just don't foresee that happening.

These past 6 months or so have been C-R-A-Z-Y.  Things have happened that I would have never seen happening... life has been a huge roller coaster of emotions.  From my brother's death at the end of November, to the move into this house and Robert's change of position, to having Levi, to struggling through postpartum depression, to getting treated for it and feeling much better, and now we're moving to Dallas.  It's been a HARD road, but I've learned so much about the person that God has created me to be (I'm different than everyone else!), and what is truly important in life... which is knowing Him and making Him known, and loving and serving my family (& friends)... that's about it :). 

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