Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Amazing Job Possibility!

I talked with the administrator of Wylie Prep on Sunday afternoon and we had a wonderful conversation.  She is very easy to talk to (just like everyone at Faith Academy), and I really think I would LOVE working for them.  They have an opening for 4th grade, 2 sections each of math and social studies.  Typically, I would want to teach English, but I am open for something different.  It's at least at an age that I know I enjoy (because I've worked with that age in many different settings).  I will have an interview once we get to Dallas (still waiting to hear back about the exact date).

The amazing things about this position are:
1) I would be teaching at a University Model School (which I love and am passionate about!).  It's a school that started out tiny and has been growing fast.  I would love to be a part of that.
2) I would be teaching upper elementary, which I enjoy!
3) I would make enough for us to move out by about January if we want, or if we want to stay at his parents for a year or so, we can save up quite a bit.  If I worked full time and paid for full time childcare for all three, I would probably bring about the same amount home as I will here working part time.
4) I would be teaching part time (MWF, 8:25-1:45), so I would still be home with the kids the majority of the time.
5) They have childcare ON SITE!!!  And at a very low price compared to everything else that I have found!  If I were to put them in childcare anywhere else (this includes home care and child care centers), even part time, I wouldn't be able to bring anything home after paying childcare... so it wouldn't be worth it.  But working here, with their on site childcare, I will actually bring money home after childcare :).

Even if this doesn't work out for whatever reason, I still feel like I have many more opportunities than I had here.  There is another UMS that possibly has an opening that I'm waiting to hear from, but if I get offered the job at Wylie Prep, I think I will just take it.  It's almost the perfect situation.

This is just more confirmation that we are headed the right direction :).  Doors are just flying open without much effort!  Praise God!

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