Monday, June 14, 2010

Our New Adventure as a Family

Well, I have written and deleted this post several times... I just don't know how to explain everything in words :).  We've been through a long process of having blind faith and watching God unfold His will without much effort at all on our part.  Our family is about to embark on a new adventure of trusting Him, His provision, and His plan.  We both have feelings of nervousness, sadness, but mostly excitement!  We know that God is all over this, so we trust where He's taking us.

About a month ago, Robert and I were discussing where we might be in a few years... when we moved into this amazing house that the camp provided, we really thought we wouldn't move again for a llloonnnggg time.  Though Robert wasn't real happy with his position here at camp, we were just trying to trust that God had a plan... we also didn't want to move again for a long time... I mean, we have an amazing house and amazing friends, what more could we want, right?
Anyway, when we were discussing where we might be in a few years, we decided that we wouldn't be here as long as we thought... we knew that Robert needed to get his degree to do what he had a passion for in camp ministry (recreation and outdoor education), and we knew that he couldn't get it staying here.  We talked about all the different options, and with many of the options, it would require me to have a full time job immediately... so, we thought we would just wait a few years.

One night, Robert and I were talking, and he remembered that his mom had offered us the upstairs of their house to live for free if he ever wanted to go back to school.  Their upstairs has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a living room.  It's very comfortable, and about the size of a house that we lived at in San Marcos.  So, I emailed her the next day and just asked if the offer was still on the table.  She said definitely yes, and to just let them know if we needed anything else.  I emailed a friend of ours (Robert's room mate from college), who works for Stonebriar Community Church (where Chuck Swindoll is the pastor), asking him if he knew of any job openings.  He immediately contacted me back telling me that he had two positions available, and he could choose which one he wanted.  So, with-in a few hours, Robert had a good chance for a job and we had housing.  Those were really the most important things that we needed to be able to move!  Over the following weeks, Robert and I sought counsel (from several wise people) and prayed a LOT.  We discussed the pros, and we discussed the cons.  We went into the idea of moving realistically.  We know that it won't be a piece of cake.  We know that there will be difficult times.  BUT, we know that if this is where God is guiding us, He will provide what we need.
About a week ago, Robert went up to Dallas to meet with his friend, and he got an official job offer.  He was also told that the church would be flexible with him to go to school.  He was also told that they want him to start July 1st.  So, the next day Robert fasted and prayed... July 1st is really soon... and in the middle of summer here at camp... Through his fasting and praying, God reminded him that this camp was here before him, and would continue after he left.  This camp is here because of God's provision, not because of anything that he has done... so he was just going to have to trust God to provide for the camp's needs, and in His timing.  Because of us leaving, the door is opened for someone else.  God has a plan, and all we have to do is trust.  Just like he quickly opened the doors for us to go to Dallas, he will bring someone to fill Robert's shoes here.

Though there are a some cons (not having our own place for a while, moving again, leaving our friends here and my family, etc), there are many pros.  Robert will only be working 40-45 hours a week on average (a few weeks out of the year he'll work a little bit more, but not often).  His hours will be 8:30-5, M-F, and every 3rd Sunday (though when he starts school, his hours may vary a bit).  We will be right in the middle of town... Whole Foods is about 5 minutes away, there are amazing Farmer's Markets and Farms in the area.  There are libraries, parks, etc, very close.  We will be able to eat all meals healthy, because we'll have dinner together every night.  We'll be able to do things on the weekends... like go camping... We'll be able to be together more.  We have friends that have kids around our kids age that live in the area (including Robert's boss/friend... they have 4 kids).  We'll be able to be involved in church... go to Bible Studies... the kids will be able to be involved in the children's ministry... All things that are important in this stage of our life.  I will be able to stay home this year, and we'll just see how things go.
And the biggest pro of all is that Robert will be able to work on his degree... something that he has wanted to do for several years.  It will take a while, but as long as he's working on it, we know that it's a goal that will be met eventually :).

So, we are about to move (again), and start a new life.  We have had a really rough year, and I'm looking forward to a fresh start.  We are taking a step of faith and definitely getting out of our comfort zone.  I'm excited about where God is taking us!


McCoys said...

I am really excited for ya'll! God is deffinetly IN CHARGE! He will bless your for your obedience. I can't wait to see how it all goes. Okay, I must say, I'm alittle sad I won't get to see you at the camp. I'm coming in August for the Children's and Pre-Teen, and was really looking forward to that, but looks like ya'll have better plans :) Keeping ya'll in my prayers, Angie

The Man Crew said...

What a super opportunity for you all! I'm so excited for you. We will be moving at the same time as you...LOL! All of us will be starting a grand new adventure...together :) Hugs and prayers coming your way!

Mr. and Mrs. B said...

Courtney--sounds like this is an amazing opportunity for you guys and definitely one that God has been orchestrating. Praying for you as you pack up and move, knowing that God is going to bless you greatly for your obedience to his will.