Sunday, September 26, 2010

Excited About Things to Come!

I had such an amazing day with my family today.  The weather was cool, it was beautiful outside, and just being with my family NOT thinking about work was nice. 

I have been thinking a lot lately about how stressed I get.  I thought back to the way I was before I worked full time, and I was stressed out then too.  I'm just a stressball.  So, then I decided that I have to make a decision to not be so stressed and to not allow things to get to me so much (it's a daily decision, but nevertheless, it's a decision). 

I also had a conversation with a co-worker about how much I work.  She reminded me that if I work all the time, I will get burned out... and my family is SO much more important.  It was good to hear that from a co-worker.  She said that she writes her lesson plans a few evenings a week, then lets it go the rest.  I can learn a lot from her!  I think I do a good job at school, and I need to learn to leave it there when I come home.  I am NEVER going to be perfect... so why keep trying?  This is the same problem that I have had for many years... so it won't go away immediately, but I know that as long as I'm prepared each day, Jesus will help me through.  He gave me this job, so He will give me what I need and He will use me for His glory. 
Too much of he time I rely on myself and what I can do, and not what He can do through me (which is SO much more than I can do in my own strength). 

I just felt so much pressure being lifted today.  Thank you Jesus!

Another thing that is awesome is that we decided that we'll just stay here at my in-laws until we can BUY a house.  We actually found one today that is almost perfect... 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and 1823 square feet for $104k, but we decided to try to buy a house right now, no matter how great of a deal it is, would probably be a bad idea.  BUT, the fact that in several months it will be a possibility is amazing.  We NEVER thought we would be able to even think about buying our own home.  We may even wait until summer because we will be able to get quite a bit saved up by then, which will be very helpful!  We'll see what happens!  I'm thinking that if we wait, it will pay off.  :)

It is so wonderful to have weekends as a family. It is a luxury that we haven't had much of our marriage.  And it is something that I feel is SO important.  I LOVE WEEKENDS!

In a few weeks, Robert and I are planning to take a trip... We plan to drop the kids off at my mom and dad's (which they are excited about!), and go to the hill country for the weekend.  I think we may stay in Fredericksburg at a bed and breakfast.  I'm so excited that we can even do something like that!  Can't wait!

I'm excited about the wonderful times ahead!! 

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The Man Crew said...

So glad that you are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel...and that it's NOT the light of an oncoming train! How wonderful to lay down the burdens and just ENJOY yourself! Hurray for a wonderful day spent as a family!