Sunday, September 5, 2010

Routine is Near

This week has been tough and great all in the same breath... The week started out rough because I was sick again (well, I guess I just hadn't gotten better yet).  In fact, I ended up leaving work early on Monday because I was struggling.  I came home and slept all afternoon... and I could have continued sleeping, but I wanted to see the kids :).  After that, things slowly got better.  It really made a difference to be able to sleep without the kids at home!

Wednesday we had a half day, then we had some great training.  We were told a lot of things about our (new) language arts curriculum that has made planning so much better and easier... we were also told that if it takes a really long time to write our plans then we need to talk to our director about how to make it easier.  She said that it shouldn't take hours and hours.  The goal is NOT to be able to teach ONLY from our lesson plans, but to have them as a guide.  So, I think planning will get easier now.  It only ended up taking me about 3-4 hours total (over 2 evenings) to write them this week, which isn't bad at all.  I will still have to look at them every night to really plan for the next day, but I would do that anyway :).  We were also trained more thoroughly on writer's workshop, and I'm excited about starting that soon (once I teach the kids the parts of the writing process).

I love my job.  I'm torn at times because of the time that it takes me to prepare, the time that I'm away, etc, but I know that I am where I'm supposed to be... and God reminds me of that daily.  And, I'm really starting to get into a routine and I'm finding my niche with teaching.  I still have a lot to learn, and I have a long way to go, but I'm on my way now :).

I wasn't sure if this would happen, but I really think that I might eventually be able to get back to eating the way that I think is best again.  I honestly have just not cared that much lately because I have been so busy... but now that I'm seeing routine in the future, I think it might be possible.  The only thing that bothers me about sending the kids to daycare is that she follows the food program... and I know how bad the food program is, so that doesn't thrill me :).  And if I could send the kids' breakfast and lunch, even just a few days a week, that would make me feel better.

Another awesome thing is that we have been talking about most likely moving into our own place around Christmas time!  I don't start getting paid until September 30th (because contract dates are September through August), and we'll have to catch up before we can get ahead, but once we're caught up, it won't take long to get ahead!  I can't wait.  We were thinking about going ahead and buying a house, but we've decided that we'll most likely rent for a few years before we do that.  We want to be able to take our time looking, saving up, making sure that we like the town that we live in, etc.  One amazing thing about this job is that I will most likely get a hefty bonus at the end of every summer, which will really help us with putting money in savings (the amount varies based on performance).

I am just SO amazed at how things are working out.  I would never have imagined that all of this would be happening.  Not only do I have a good paying job, but I have a good paying job that I love and it's an amazing ministry.  And my husband is incredibly supportive and helps me with anything that I need help with.  He's so proud of me and so happy for me.  It is very clear that God has orchestrated everything.   

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McCoys said...

That's so great Courtney, I'm so happy that God planned everything out for ya'll and your doing so well and happy!