Sunday, October 17, 2010

Feeling Hopeful

First, I realized yesterday that I, just like most people, tend to be in a great mood when circumstances seem great and in a bad mood when circumstances seem tough.  It's amazing how small my faith can be.  I desire to find my joy in my relationship with Christ and in trusting Him and His plan, but I fail often.  I have been struggling with many circumstanial things (that really aren't THAT bad), and I have completely lost my focus these days.  God has richly blessed us, and most days I don't see that.  I have an amazing family, all that we need, a job that I have always wanted, and Robert is home more than not :).  I'm so thankful for all that the Lord has allowed me to have in my life.  I pray that He is glorified through me and that His light would shine through my human-ness.  Thank the Lord for Jesus, who gives me what I need and gives me the power to fight through the difficult times.

With Karis' issues (that I talked about yesterday here), my mind started going and I started assuming the worst based on stories that I have heard.  I was thinking that I would have to quit my job, take her out of school, and we would just live here at my in-laws for several years... I thought she wouldn't be able to go to school, and we would just have to keep her home forever.  It wasn't the end of the world in my mind, but I don't feel that it's best for her.  She LOVES school and does really well.  My mom and hubby reminded me to just take it one day at a time, and if that does happen, that we would deal with it when we get there. 

Last night I decided to research her "condition" (called encopresis), and I feel so much more hopeful now.  This article  described Karis completely and all that she has been going through. I completely thought it was behavioral, but now I know it is physical and something she can't control.  Also, this article more thoroughly described the steps for treatment (the same as the dr, but it gives more long term goals).  If we work with her, she can possibly be completely treated with-in a few months (which is better than what I was thinking). 
I almost think it is better that it's physical and not behavioral because it's something that we can treat!  I'm so glad that we took her to the dr and that we know exactly what is wrong and exactly what can be done to make it better. 

Our plan for her:
1) Get her completely cleaned out (which we're doing now), then continue her on miralax for a month or so (just a very decreased dose).
2) Give her a fiber supplement everyday, plus increase her fiber intake however we can (which is tough for a girl that despises fruit and will only eat a few veggies!).  We will sprinkle flax on foods, etc.
3) Increase her water intake
4) Decrease her dairy intake (we have switched her to coconut milk which is very healthy and she loves it... cheese will only be given if we cook with it, and yogurt is okay because it has bacteria that helps digest).  I might start making her yogurt with coconut milk... if I have time :).
5) Put her on the potty right after she eats (and I will talk to her teacher about doing this as well).  It's potty training all over again :).  I'm SO thankful that her teacher is very willing to work with me to get this worked out.  She is very sweet and loves Karis!  I love the choice that we made for her!

Robert and Ethan are going to church without us because I don't want Karis to have a messy accident while in children's church (which she usually does in the morning, so it probably would happen).  It stinks because we haven't been to church in a while because there's something going on every week.  Last week Ethan had a horrible cough and Karis was painfully constipated so I was working to try to relieve them :).  I guess we'll try again next week!  I will probably watch my old church (Riverstone!) online :). 

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