Sunday, October 31, 2010

(Patiently?) Waiting and Found a New Church

Buying a House
Robert and I have been looking at houses for the last few weeks... mainly to get an idea of what we want when it's time to buy.  It made us want to start the process NOW and has been making it difficult to be content with where God has us for now.  The transition/waiting process is very difficult.  God has made it pretty clear where He wants us, so we want to just run now and start living there immediately.  But, we are where we are now so that we can be more responsible, save up, and be more ready to move when it's time.  I'm so thankful to my inlaws to give us this opportunity. 

We found a house yesterday that is Robert's dream house (it's an amazing old house that needs some painting, but that's about it!).  It is in the perfect neighborhood, the schools are the best in the area, it's a 2100 square foot house, has a lot of original wood work inside, deck on the bottom and top floors, nice back yard, etc.  The problems are: 1) We don't have much of a down payment yet (because I just started getting paid), 2) the house is over our price range (though it's been on the market for so long that I would assume they would go down on the price!).  The desire is to try to make it work anyway... but we know that wouldn't be responsible.  So, we will sit and wait :).  Either we will find the right house for us when it is time, or that house will still be available when it's time :).  That house has been on the market for almost a year, so it might just be there in 4-6 months ;).  It also makes me wonder if they aren't budging on the price!  I guess we'll see when it's time.  Most likely we will have to get something that's not quite our dream house and make it our dream house ;).  As long as it's in the right area, I can't be that picky!  It'll just be amazing if we are able to get into our own house!

Here are a few more pictures of the house that we want :)

Okay... Moving on. 

Found a New Church

Through the process of trying to decide where to live, we have thought about the fact that if we live in Oak Cliff, we need a community there.  There is no way that we can live there and drive to Frisco for church (though Robert would have to drive there for work...).  Robert isn't required to go to church at Stonebriar, he just has to work every third Sunday.  So, I decided to start searching for churches in the area.  Most of my searches turned up very traditional churches (and one VERY out there church...)... which is fine, but we really don't feel that's where we belong.  Last Saturday during my search, I found a blog and through that blog (long story), found Kessler Community Church.  I contacted them through the website, and received an email back a few hours later from the pastor's wife.  It seemed like an amazing church, so the kids and I checked it out the next morning (Robert had to work... he works every third Sunday).  I immediately felt welcome there and as if I had been going to the church for a long time.  I made friends immediately, the kids were loved and welcomed, and I knew that it was an active and moving church.  I am friends with the pastor's wife on facebook, and she and I have had a lot of contact through phone/email/facebook since last week.  Also, I found out they know one of the elders from the church we went to in Marble Falls, and he told me that they are amazing, godly people!  Which, that definitely helps!  So, even though I have only been there one time, I feel like this is most likely the church that we will call "home."  We will continue praying through it and visiting/getting to know the church, but I'm almost positive this is the direction in which we are headed!  The most amazing thing to me about the church is their heart... heart for people... heart for the area... heart for Jesus.  It's very evident!

Speaking of... I need to stop blogging and go get ready for church! 

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