Monday, April 13, 2009

Two Week Meal Plan

Some dinners are the same because we didn't get to them or because they are simple, good meals and I'm doing them again (most of the time breakfasts and lunches won't change much).

Breakfast tacos
Peanut butter and honey on homemade bread, fruit
Breakfast cookies, fruit
Yogurt and cereal, fruit
Boiled eggs, toast, fruit
Egg sandwich
Granola, fruit, yogurt
Cheese Grits

Dining hall
Grilled cheese

Breakfast (sausage, eggs, toast), once weekly
Pasta and sauce, veggies, homemade bread
Link Sausage sauteed in red bell peppers and onions, cabbage
Chopped steak, mashed potatoes, carrots, roasted zucchini
Cheesy baked squash (p. 164), Cuban Black beans (p. 173)
Cheesy Chicken and Rice, roasted or steamed veggies
Pan seared lemon-pepper, avocado Chicken breast; roasted veggies; quinoa
Black Bean Quesadillas
2 leftover nights (1, 2)

Things to Bake/Make:
Breakfast cookies
Breakfast taco filling (2 batches; 1 batch per week)
Granola (1 batch)
Wheat bread (total of 4 loaves; 1 loaf at a time)
Boil eggs
Cook lentils, white beans, quinoa; steam veggies (for Ethan)
Cook black beans
Slice cantaloupe

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