Saturday, October 16, 2010

What a Week

This week started out great.  The kids all went to new "schools."  Karis is at a pre-k at a church down the road from my school, and the boys are at a great in home childcare pretty close to where Robert works.  It has just helped to have them closer to us... the stress has decreased dramatically from that.  Before, the drive for Robert was awful... he would have to drive NORTH of where he worked, come back south, go back north to pick them up, then come back south to home.  Now, the boys' childcare is on the way to his work, and Karis just goes with me.  

It all started going downhill about Wednesday (if you can't handle reading/talking about poop, then I suggest you stop reading now hehe).  By then, Karis had gone a week and a half with only pooping one time.  She was in a lot of pain and wouldn't even try to go (this has been going on for a long time... constipation, pooping in her pants, etc).  Robert took her to the doctor Wednesday, and she told him that its a pretty common problem among girls her age.  She said that they choose to hold it (for whatever reason), then a blockage develops.  The blockage becomes so severe that the only pooping that can be done is because of what comes out around the blockage.  The only way to remedy the situation is to give high amounts of miralax every day (a laxative).  So, now she's having major accidents at school.  Yesterday when  picked her up, she had just had a major accident.  It was coming up her back and dripping down.  It was traumatic... for me and her.  Parents and kids were staring and looked disgusted.  She was crying.  I didn't even have a change of clothes for her (I sent one, but it was already used).  I didn't expect it to get all over her clothes (she was wearing pull ups).  The more I talk to people about it, the more I realize that this might be a long term problem.  In the past two days, I have heard of four different kids with the same EXACT issue, doing this till 8 or 9, one kid was even 12.  If this continues, I am NOT okay with sending her to school to poop in her pants... When I worked at a school in Kyle, there was a child in kindergarten that pooped in his pants everyday, and no body liked to be around him... And the teacher was so annoyed with him all the time. I just don't want that to be Karis.  I realize that I am worrying too much about the future, but it's hard not to when this has been a long, hard road already and I know that it will most likely continue.  We're just not sure what to do.  I know that she won't be pooping in her pants when she's 21, but she very well could be pooping in her pants till she's 8 or 9.  It's not out of the question. 

I'm exhausted, stressed, and feel lost right now. 

I know that God called us here, to this place, to everything that we're doing... I just don't understand some things.  I'm just going to have to trust that He has a bigger plan.

It's also coming up on a year since my brother's death so that brings a whole lot of other emotions...

Okay... I'm going to stop before I get too negative :). 

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