Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Surprising Phone Call

We got a call yesterday that surprised, confused, and confirmed some things for us (all of those emotions in a very short period of time!).  At about 6:30 yesterday evevning, I got a call from my realtor.  She said that she heard back from the agent on the Homewood house.  We had been waiting for a call from them for about 3 weeks and we just assumed that we wouldn't be getting that call.  Sure enough, the seller finally called the agent back!  And they had a counter offer on our offer.  At first, it was a tough decision.  The counter offer is a little less than the contract that we have on the most recent house (W 10th St), and the taxes are a little lower... AND the house is in EXCELLENT condition.  So, we had to think twice about our decision.  But, after a little prayer and talking, my realtor let me know that the listing for the Homewood house was expired on the 1st, and the current listing agent wasn't going to list it again.  So, that helped us make our decision!  And the thing is, we really like the W 10th St house better.  It is bigger, has a much bigger lot (and much bigger back yard), it's in a better neighborhood (with a park real close), is a better location, has a higher resale value (in the current market it is worth $23k MORE than they are asking... which will only increase as the market gets better), has a lot more storage (storage shed in the back and a closed in garage with storage/utility area), has an amazing master bedroom/suite, etc.  It's really a better investment and has more room for our family as they get bigger :).  It's a house that we could see ourselves in for years to come.  So, it didn't take long for us to make our decision.  We are moving forward with the W 10th St house and our inspection will be scheduled for Thursday afternoon! 

Today we have a "snow day" because there's a 100% chance of freezing rain and snow most of the day today :).  So, Robert and I will be working hard on getting everything organized and completed for our loan.  Our mortgage broker is in Houston (long story as to why we're using him), so we will be scanning everything that he needs and emailing it to him.  That will all be completed today so that we can move forward!  Closing date is set for March 1st, and we have agreed to give the seller 3 days to get all of his things out after the closing date.  So, we are currently set to move in March 4th! 

Due to the fact that our mortgage will be more than we anticipated, and we still have childcare to pay next school year (full time for the boys and after school care for Karis), our budget is going to be tight :).  But, it's worth it!  We should have been much tighter with our budget than we have been, but it has been hard since I started working because as we've been trying to get used to me working full time, we've been spending too much money.  So, back on a budget we go! (actually, we have been on a budget since after Christmas... we barely spend anything!). 
Honestly, I think being on a budget will be much easier once we move because we'll have our own place to do lots of baking and cooking again... I will gain about an hour and a half every day because I won't be driving anymore... And everything that we need will be RIGHT THERE.  It will be 5 minutes to work (for me at least), 2 minutes to the store, 3 minutes to church, etc.  Robert will have to drive... but he seems to be okay with that :).  I am excited about being right where our church family is! 

Okay, now that I've dreamed a little too much about a house that we do not own yet, I will stop for now :).  I realize that something could still happen so I am trying to not dream too much :).  But it's fun!  If it doesn't happen for some reason, I know that God is in control and will take care of the details.  He knows what's best!!  I'm pretty sure I know I couldn't have planned this better! 

Alright... off I go to get things done!!


We are the Guerra's! said...

Hooray! I am so happy for you. It sounds like the Big Man Upstairs has really answered your prayers with this house...it sounds perfect for you! I'll keep praying that everything moves along and goes as planned. Congrats!

Danielle Leigh said...

That is great! I am happy for you guys!