Saturday, February 12, 2011

Almost a Homeowner!

Things are coming together VERY nicely.  The appraisal has been done and the things that needed to be "fixed" were very few.  We actually went over to the house today (along with the seller's realtor!) and did some scraping and touch up painting (the appraiser said all we had to do it prime it for FHA, so we'll have to come back later and paint).  As I have said before, the seller was unwilling to do any repairs so we had made the decision early on to do those repairs ourselves if they were minor.  And early on the seller's realtor said that he would help!  So, we went today and did those repairs and had fun!  We met the seller and he actually gave us our option period fee back and said we could use it to help pay for whatever we needed for the repairs.  We appreciate that!!  He was actually pretty nice!  He also told his realtor that he was going to leave the stuff in the shed for us, which is a lot of GOOD stuff.  A lawn mower, weed eater, table saw, blower, tiller, etc.  We're not going to hold our breath on that stuff until we actually walk into the house after closing.  It would be nice, though!

Paper work is almost completed for the loan... we sent in a few more things yesterday, but have been told we have conditional approval with the underwriters (pending those documents and the repairs on the house that were done today).  So, it's looking good! 
We could probably close a little earlier, but the seller hasn't even started packing, really, so I'm not sure that it could happen any earlier.  It would be best for us to wait anyway... give us some more time to pack, etc. It would feel less rushed if we wait. 

Anyway... all of this to say, we truly are about to be homeowners!  It's crazy!  Something we never thought would happen is about to happen!

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