Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dreaming :)

We were supposed to go to my parents' yesterday because today is my grandmother's birthday party (as well as celebrating Levi's), but we weren't able to go because the streets were so bad.  And Robert has to work today since he couldn't get out yesterday.  They have to get the church building ready for church tomorrow.  Next weekend Robert has to work on Sunday (it'll be his Sunday to work at the church), so we can't all go then.  So, my parents are going to take the kids for the weekend.  I'm a bit sad to send them off again for the weekend, but at the same time, we need some time to get some things taken care of.  There will be a few things that might need to be fixed at the house (the seller isn't willing to fix anything, but we have decided that if FHA won't approve it because of something small, we will just fix those things... the seller is okay with that).  There are a few things that we already know about, but we want to wait and see if the appraiser even cares about those things before we put the time into it right now.  A few of those small things are a plug that doesn't have a plate on it, a gas line that is plugged, but doesn't have a cover, there are some old water stains on the ceiling (but the inspector says that they are old and he can't find any evidence of water leak or damage), and a few more things like that.  It's nothing big at all.  So we're pretty sure it'll be fine so we just want to wait.  But, the appraisal should happen this coming week so we will know by next weekend. 
Also, I've decided to go ahead and start the packing process.  It's not "official" yet, but it won't be official until we close, and I'm not going to wait until then to start packing ;).  By next weekend, we should have a better idea about the loan.  That's all we're really waiting for now.  The inspection went really well, and we already know of the small things that need to be fixed (which are totally doable), so we know that the house is in good shape.  So now we just wait for the loan to go through completely (which we're not worried about because we have been pre-qualified through like 3-4 different mortgage brokers!).  I still cannot believe that everything is working out the way that it is! 

Yesterday Robert and I were "dreaming" about what it would be like to be in our house.  We were talking yesterday that the snow in that backyard would have been so much fun to play in :).  Then we could have come inside with some coffee and curled up by the fireplace.  I can't wait until we're in it.  It feels so peaceful inside.  It feels like a cottage.  It has a lot of square footage, but it's split up in a way in which it doesn't feel huge (which we prefer).  It's cozy despite the size.  We really could NOT have picked a better house for our family... and I'm thanking God for it.  He knew what we needed better than we did.  I know I've said this so many times, but everything about it is perfect.  The location, the neighborhood, the fact that there's a park behind it, the size of the house is perfect, the large lot/backyard, it's down the street from church and my work, and it's so comfy! 

One thing that Robert and I have decided is that we will go back to the way we know we should be eating.  We have gotten away from eating natural/whole foods since I started working (and since we aren't in our own place).  It's difficult to cook dinner everynight here, and we are just so disorganized.  I will save over an hour every day (closer to an hour and a half) because I won't be driving far to and from work (and days will just be much less stressful because I won't have to deal with traffic!).  I am pretty sure we'll also just go back to natural living in general.  We have been doing EVERYTHING out of convenience for the past year and I truly miss living naturally... We might even try using cloth diapers again (when the boys are at home).  We'll see :).  Ethan is just about out of diapers/pull ups completely, so it'll just be for Levi mostly. 
My plan is to start using the weekends to prepare for the week.  I will start baking a loaf of bread every Sunday and making breakfast foods.  I will also try to cut fruits and veggies and put them in individual bags, make fruit and veggie dips, etc.  I plan to make our own milks (coconut and almond) because I've decided since it is too difficult to get raw milk, everyone would be better off with almond and coconut milk (which, for Karis, it's much better on her tummy, and Levi doesn't like cow's milk but loves almond and coconut).  I need to be better at making menus (which will be easier when we have our own place!) and shopping for only what we need for the week.  We also plan to become part of the CSA that the local health food store (Urban Acres) has there in Oak Cliff.  It's pretty inexpensive compared to most CSA's that I have found, and it is right in our neighborhood!  The great thing about OC is that even though it's technically "Dallas," it feels like a small town :).  And our lot will be larger than many lots in Dallas.  So, that's nice :).  We'll have plenty of room for a garden, and we might even try to get some chickens :) (there will be plenty of space!). 

Of course, all of this is just dreaming, so I hope it will be possible when we actually get there :).  It's fun to dream! 

I guess I should go take care of the kiddos! 

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