Saturday, September 19, 2009

Goals to Simplify

As I've said before, since I got pregnant, I have NOT been myself. I've been struggling to stay organized, my house is a mess most of the time (although Robert would say that it's in my head!), meal planning, etc has gone out the window, and I feel like I'm always one step behind. I don't know what it is about this pregnancy, but I feel very scattered and exhausted all the time.
Also, my "part time" job has been taking a LOT of my time. I enjoy it a lot (it's the perfect job for me!), but I look forward to being more organized so it doesn't feel like I'm working all the time (a lot of it is my fault).
Most of my goals are things that I used to always do... and I've gotten away from it.

Here is my list of goals to begin/do within the next 2 weeks or so:
~ Go through all of our clothes (and other junk!), organize and get rid of things that we don't wear or need.
~ Organize my desk area so that I can actually use it :). Begin doing all of my school work there, and don't take it out of that area. Try to get a week ahead!
~ Get caught up on laundry and do one load a day to keep caught up. Wash diapers every other day.
~ Begin working on the budget together as a couple so that it is kept up with. Stop spending money when we don't have it to spend! (this is an organization issue!)
~ Begin meal planning for two weeks again, and stick to it.
~ Organize grocery shopping. Keep it as low as possible, but still buy the foods that I think are best for our family.
~ Stop eating out so much!!!!!!! (this is what happens when you get unorganized...). The goal is to only eat out on special occasions (date night, with friends, etc), and not often.
~ Make more things from scratch again (breads, crackers, muffins, all meals, peanut butter, etc).
~ Make cleaners again.
~ Keep the house (at least) picked up daily. Clean whole house once a week (the day will vary based on my husband's day off). 
~ Give myself grace when I have an off day :).

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