Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sprouts Farmer's Market

Today we planned to go to the Sunset Valley Farmer's Market, but didn't make it because I wasn't feeling good (I came down sick yesterday and was still not feeling 100%). Well, I took a nap this morning and woke up feeling much better so we decided to go check out a new store in Austin. It's called Sprouts Farmer's Market. I was very impressed. Their "regular" prices on things like canned items, bagged items, boxed items, and even dairy weren't that great, but most everything else was great. Their produce and meat prices were awesome. I bought a whole natural chicken for $1.39 a pound, and their organic chicken is $2.79 a pound (which is GREAT for organic chicken). I would have bought an organic chicken, but they were all over 5 lbs and wasn't planning to buy one that big. Their beef prices are also great (natural ground beef for like $2.79 a pound). Their produce is beautiful, some of it local, and cheap. I bought some clementine oranges for $2 for 3lbs. I bought a seedless watermelon for 99 cents! I bought Tillamook cheese (great cheese that is hormone free) for $2.97 a pound (it's usually at least $3.99 a pound or more).
Mostly, I would go there for their meat, cheese, produce, and great sales. The beautiful thing is that it's also much closer than whole foods.
They also have a huge bulk section, but I didn't get to really check it out because it was REALLY busy (since they just opened yesterday), and my in-laws were with me. I didn't want to drag them around the WHOLE store just to check out prices :). I saw a few prices, and they looked great. Whole raw almonds are $6.99 a pound, which is $1-2 less a pound than most stores. I love raw almonds :). So, I'm assuming that their bulk prices are great.
Anyway, just thought I would share my excitement :). It's a bit further than HEB, but I think for a twice a month place to shop, it's definitely worth the drive.

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