Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Kids

I just realized that it's been a while since I've blogged about the kids. They are growing up so fast!! Karis is 3 1/2 now (going on 13), and she is a little drama queen. She is very smart, and I love to hear the things that come out of her mouth. You just never know what to expect with her :). She still throws quite a few fits, but I think for the most part we have learned how to deal with them. She is just in a very independent stage, and when she doesn't get her way, watch out!

Ethan is almost 15 months old now, and is FINALLY about to start walking. He's been taking a few steps here, a few steps there. Karis was a late walker too, and I'm pretty thankful about that :). I can't imagine having an 11 month old walking. Although, he is very heavy, so it'll be nice to not have to hold him all the time! He doesn't have much to say, except "uh oh!" and "daaayyy" (daddy). He grunts and growls at things, and he has a beautiful smile and laugh. He has recently gotten into a phase in which he's starting to throw fits. Karis was easy at 2, but I'm thinking that Ethan will not be as easy. We'll see! He's currently cutting his first molars and he is a HARD teether, so some of his fits lately could be because of that. We'll see when they come in completely.

Here are some pics of the kids from this summer:
I had taken the kids with me to the school for 2 full days in a row... they didn't get naps those 2 days... so the next day, Ethan fell asleep while he was chewing his lunch! :)

I was watering the garden, and Karis decided that she wanted to "help" me. She enjoyed being sprayed by the water hose instead.

Here's Karis enjoying the playground at the beach in Rockport.

Ethan LOVED the beach. He crawled all over the place, and even in the shallow part of the water. He was covered in sand! He left crawling tracks every where.

Here's Karis "fishing" from the dock at my grandparents' house in Rockport.

Mommy and Ethan at the end of summer banquet here at camp.

Karis about to jump into someone's arms at the pool.

The kids playing in a little pool in our backyard. This pool didn't last long... it leaked badly!

Ethan about to get in the pool. He loved it :).

Karis about to get into the pool.

Karis decided that Jake needed to be read to :).

Karis decided last week that she wanted to "hold" Ethan... well, since he doesn't weight much less than her, that was difficult. But, she made it work the way she wanted to :).

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The Man Crew said...

Courtney, what beautiful pics of the kids, they are so precious! Thanks for sharing them. Also read the 16 week post...congrats th at everything is going so well! I can't wait to hear the results of the ultrasound... : )