Saturday, September 26, 2009

Had an ultrasound and found out it's a...

BOY!!  It was VERY obvious.  The ultrasound tech pointed to the two hipbones and said, do you see what's in the middle?  It was definitely hard to miss.  I think anyone could have been able to tell. 
I was pretty surprised because I really thought it was another girl.  I had a girl name picked out, but I CANNOT come up with a boy name that sticks out.  We want it to be a Biblical name, and we like lots of names, but nothing just stands out... if that makes sense.  With Karis and Ethan, we KNEW those were their names... not with this one!!  Some names that we like so far are Asher, Levi, Eli, Asa, and Isaac.  We want a biblical first name, and our goal was to try to have a middle name from my side of the family... but not sure anything will go with the biblical names that we like :).  We'll  figure something out.  What Biblical names do you like?
A benefit of having another boy is that Ethan and the new baby will be really close in age (20 months).  If we were to have another girl, Karis and the girl would be 4 years apart.  Plus, I think it would be REAL hard for Karis to share her room with another girl.  I think it'll be easier for Ethan to share his room. 

The ultrasound was done at a place called Bluebonnet Diagnostic Imaging, and I recommend it to anyone that is in this area.  It is definitely for someone who is having a homebirth or birth center birth :).  The room where the ultrasound takes place looks like a little living room.  It has a play area for the kids, it's real warm and inviting, the only lighting is from a lamp, and it smelled real good :).  You can watch the ultrasound take place on a t.v. that is in an armoire.  It was wonderful.  The best part of it all is that they have a special for clients of midwives... it was only $99!!!!  That is CHEAP for an ultrasound (usually they are several hundred).  And, they send the results to a radiologist to look over... so it's completely legitimate.  This price didn't cover printed pictures, but that's okay.  We also got to see the baby in 3D, although at this stage, it's hard to see much because he didn't have much fat on his face.  You can also go there JUST to get gender determination and pictures/CD's/DVD's if you want.  But, I just wanted the diagnostic ultrasound to make sure all was well, and to see the gender.  I'm good with one ultrasound, but multiple ultrasounds aren't good for the baby.

I also found out that I have an anterior placenta, which means that it's in the front.   It doesn't hurt anything, but it just means that I won't ever be able to feel the baby like I did the last two.  When I feel movement, it's all down low.  I sometimes feel pressure up high, too, because the baby is currently breech (which is pretty normal for being 19 weeks pregnant), and I can feel his head pushing up.  Oh well...... there's not much I can do. 

I have recently felt like I need to up my protein intake, and make sure that I'm getting enough of what I need.  I have created my own food journal based on the one on the Bradley Birth website.  Check it out!  Use it if you want!  My biggest goal is to completely avoid sodas and sweet tea.  This is going to be hard, but I know that it will be so much better in the long run.  They are totally just empty, horrible calories, and caffeine.  But I enjoy them.  So, it's going to be tough!!!

I started recently taking Twinlab prenatals because I was having problems with the Nature's Plus Source of Life prenatals giving me tummy trouble.  I took Twinlab prenatals with Ethan, and remembered having NO issues with them.  So far so good.  These are also the second most recommended vitamins from my midwife.  I also take Solaray Mega multi minerals that I had when I was pregnant with Ethan because most prenatals don't have near the amount of minerals that a pregnant women needs.  I want to take the Super Nutrition Prenatals because I won't have to take a separate multi mineral (they are GREAT), but just haven't been able to afford them.  I wish that Vitacost sold them because that's where I buy everything else for the most part... I should be able to buy them next month.  I did order my new fish oil, Coromega, a few days ago and should receive them soon.  The fish oil that I currently take is GROSS.  I taste the fish all day.  I can't even bring myself to take them everyday, and when I do, I only take one.  The only thing I like about them is that the source is cod liver, which is really the best source.  But, any kind of fish oil is GREAT for anyone to take.  Karis takes Nordic Naturals Children's DHA and LOVES them.  She asks for her "gummies" several times a day, and I can only give them to her once (because she wants the full serving all at once).

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