Saturday, November 5, 2011

Finally Becoming More Organized

We have moved so many times in the past few years, and we have been so busy, that we hadn't taken the time to organize our life.  And honestly, I think that has been the source of a lot of our stress!  I have been really good at losing things, getting behind on things, we haven't been organized in our finances, we've procrastinated on things that were important, etc... and that makes life more difficult when life is busy.  So, last weekend, we took advantage of my parents being here, and we organized our office/bedroom.  Today I spent hours at school getting my classroom rearranged/organized, and now it'll be so much easier to be productive while I'm there on my late nights.  And honestly, this may be silly, but I think it'll make me a better teacher because I'll be less stressed while I'm there. 
We also went to Costco last week and stocked up for the month!  I love the feeling of a house full of groceries!  We have our meals planned for the week, and everything we need for them.  All bills are paid for the month (except for our weekly childcare payment).  All papers are filed and important things have been taken care of.  We have Quicken now for our finances and it makes a HUGE difference!  We have systems for everything that work; we've been keeping up with everything much better. 

We lit the fireplace for the first time tonight and just sat in front of it for a while.  It felt so good to be in a place where I don't have the weight of stress on my shoulders, and I could just sit and watch the fireplace and be at peace.  I don't know how to explain it, but I haven't felt this much peace in years.  I pray that it continues. 

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