Friday, November 11, 2011

Gifts that Change Lives

Last year I discussed some awesome websites where you can buy gifts and the money goes directly to the people that make them (or to a great organization!). I found out about some more awesome websites with some super cute things!  I thought I'd share!!

MomentuM- Home, bath and body, toys, clothes, jewelry accessories, etc.  This one is my favorite so far!
Light Gives Heat- Mostly jewelry, handbags, and art, but they sell a few other things too.  Buying something from this site creates jobs in Uganda.
Noonday Collection- This site is a little more expensive, but proceeds go to helping orphans.
Nightlight International- Helps support women who are trying to get out of sex trafficking.
Divine Chocolate- Money goes to the farmers in Africa!
International Princess Project- Pajama pants to support women getting out of sex trafficking.
Krochet Kids- Hats, clothing, and other accessories.  Support people in Uganda and Peru.

We also like to buy a goat, chickens, etc for people in other countries who need food through World Vision.  You can buy one of these in someone's name and give them the gift of giving to someone else :).  It's pretty awesome.

I wish I thought about giving more often.  I need to make giving a priority.  There are so many in need around the world. 

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