Thursday, October 16, 2008

House Hold Notebook

The sections that I have are: (you can click on the links to get to the documents)

Menu Planning:


This section contains a printed out grocery list in which I just check what we need that week. I mainly use it to plan, then I write it all on a smaller tablet to take with me.


Food Diary


Weekly Lessons (not updated)

Also, I have lots of print-outs from websites that have activity ideas pertaining to the time- this is what I have been using lately because I haven't had time to write new lessons.


In this folder, I have handouts from the pediatrician's office. Soon, I will have his daily schedule (once he forms one!) and a schedule of vaccinations (we are delaying/selective).

Bible Study:

Home-made cleaners:

I have more than these, but this is a start


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Jennifer said...

Hi!! I'm Jennifer (PJ Academy) from Cafemom Home Steading, Home Schooling and Homemaking....not in that order though :)

I love the notebook!! I need to get my updated!! Thanks for the inspiration to do that!!!!