Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Zoo

If you are interested in reading about all that we have been doing lately for our family, read:

Today I posted a recipe for a home made all purpose cleaner that I LOVE!! I have also posted about the cloth diapers that we use and recent meals that we have cooked.

We went to the zoo last weekend and had a lot of fun as a family. We are trying to experience more of life together, and it is wonderful :). This weekend, we're going camping with Robert's sister, brother in law, and niece. It's going to be an adventure with a 2 year old and 4 month old!!

Here are some pictures of us at the zoo, and of my new Ergo baby carrier (I am in love this this!):

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emily said...

Is that a pumpkin in the tiger's cage? I want a pumpkin and a tiger!!!! Thanks for posting pictures

By the way, I love the whole idea of making your own cleaners, etc... but sadly, I won't be able to find all of those products (I can't even find baking soda~ my mom sends it to me, so I use it when I bake!). What a fun site Courtney~ and a great way to show off your creativity. Keep them coming :-)