Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Officially Homeowners!

We signed the papers today!  It went so smoothly... the title company guy was so surprised by how organized my mortgage broker was.  I think we chose wisely by using him :).  He sent everything last week, and the funding was there and ready to go.  He even sent a cool binder with everything all organized for us to keep.  It was a quick and easy process, and we had a good time.  We won't be moving in until this weekend because the seller asked for a few days (it's in the contract) to be able to get everything out, so we will be able to start going over there by Thursday or Friday at the latest. 

On another note, today was a bit of a frustrating day because not only did my phone mess up (I had to restore it to factory settings so it doesn't have anything on it), one of our cars is acting up :( (we got bad gas... it started acting up immediately when Robert filled up the tank).  We also planned on getting a lot of packing done and a bunch of errands taken care of, and really none of it worked out.  So, even though I am SOOOOO excited about buying a house, I feel like I lost a whole day!  We have so much to do!  I know that it will all get done, and I need to just relax because if we don't get everything done this weekend, it's not like we HAVE to be out of the house that we're currently in (considering with live with my inlaws!).  I'm just ready to be settled!  But, the house is now ours, and it will be ours, so I can just rest knowing that :).

I think the thing that I like about the house is that it reminds me of an old coffee shop.  I love the coffee shop feel/look, and this house is totally it.  It is fun, cool, and has a lot of character.  I'm going to "play up" the coffee shop look and make that the theme of our house :).  It won't take much!  As soon as we get in there Thursday/Friday, I'll post pictures! 

Now, I'm off to bed.  I'm exhausted!

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