Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Break So far...

Karis' birthday cake.  She loved it!

Her party at school.

Karis and I had a "girl day" and she was dancing like Angelina Ballerina at the park :).

According to Karis, Ethan is her "Godmother Fairy."  Hehe

Levi is working so hard, helping us plant the garden ;).  He LOVED being able to just roam around the yard today. 

Ethan and Karis pushing bricks to be a border for our garden.

Laying the border.

Finished product!

Ethan watering the garden.

Some of my favorite moments have been "rocking" in the hammock chair, eating almost every meal outside, and just doing everything together.  Today, planting our garden together, was amazing. 
I LOVE my family!!!!!!

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