Monday, May 18, 2009

Cloth Diapering... we're having to give up:(

Sadly, I'm really going to have to give up on using cloth diapers.  We have used them for 11 months (well, off and on), and we're going to just have to stop.  Ethan's skin is SO sensitive, and for some reason using cloth makes it worse.  We have tried using flushable liners, and it doesn't work.  We have tried stripping them (we do this often, and it doesn't really help).  We have tried changing brands of detergent (we have tried Purex, Arm and Hammer, and a natural brand of free and clear detergents).  We have tried just about everything imaginable.  But, his skin still keeps breaking out. I'm tired of the hassle of it.  I'm tired of him hurting :(.  
So... we are back to being diaper buyers.  I'm not real happy about it.  We might try cloth again in a few months when he gets a little older and see if he can handle it.  But, for now, we're just going to put them away.  The bright side is that I will have less laundry to do! :)  The down side is that diapers are expensive.  If we have another baby, we will try again because I love cloth so much.  I still encourage anyone to use them.  Ethan is just super sensitive.  He has been since he was born (when he was a newborn, he had to use Pamper swaddlers sensitve or he would start bleeding... it was bad).  

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wholistic midwife said...

Hi Cortney, Are you sure its the diapers? I think it might be something else.
Wholistic Midwife