Friday, May 1, 2009

Frugal Recipes

This summer I'm going to have to practice more frugality than I have been (and I need to re-learn this discipline again anyway).  It will be somewhat of a challenge because as I've been switching to more organic/natural products, it has become more and more expensive.  I am looking forward to the challenge of eating whole foods and using natural products, but spending less.  
I was looking back at my spending last year this time, and it was next to nothing (because we had nothing :).  The foods that I bought were NOT healthy.  I want to be able to balance between the two.  I want to buy healthy, natural, and organic (when possible) food/products, but not spend what I have been spending.  There are some things that I've decided to cut down on or not buy, so that'll help, and I want to figure out some healthy, but inexpensive meals.  Any ideas?  I have quite a few ideas, but we like variety around here, so I want to try something new.  
I am going to start working on a meal list for the summer, and begin seeing what I need to buy for those meals.  I won't stick to it exactly, but I want to have some kind of idea what it looks like.  
I could use your recipes!! :)  

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