Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Garden Veggies

Well, my garden has lots of weeds and isn't all that pretty, but it's producing an abundance of veggies!!  Here is what came out today:

It's some BIG zucchini, squash, some lettuce, and 1 green bean :).  I have more in my fridge.  I'm going to have to start cooking soon.  It's been orientation week here at camp, which meant eating special dinners at different peoples' houses throughout the week.  So, now that camp dinners are starting, I'm going to start cooking dinner for the kids and I again.  I'm excited about my veggies!!! :)

1 comment:

Allvira said...

WOW!!!! Natural Food, you are going to prepare & eat. That's amazing. I'd love to have. Would you invite me on the same? LOL...
Having a look in this post it really makes me more amazed just because of you did a wonderful job.

Great.....Keep it up... planting..
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