Monday, May 11, 2009

My Goals for the Month

I've mentioned in my past few blogs that my family has swayed from what we know is better because of busyness, being out of town, and eating in the dining hall. Because of this, I have gained back the weight that I lost (well, a lot of it). It's very frustrating. So, I have some goals for myself and my kids, and I want to get back into the lifestyle that I know is right.  Not only will it help me to lose the weight, but it will mostly just help us to feel better!  We have felt the efffects of poor eating.  

These are my goals for myself:
  • Drink water, herbal teas, and a little bit of coffee only (NO SODAS & SWEET TEA)
  • Be up and moving during the day, and take the kids outside often (be more active in life)
  • Go back to eating more at home (eating in the dining hall just a few times a week, and be choosy)
  • Go for a jog 4 times a week (and take the kids with me, in the jogging stroller... I've been building up to this)
  • Eat more fruits and veggies
My goals for my kids:
  • Sneak in fruits and veggies however I can (fruits and veggies in smoothies, pureed fruit in yogurt, etc)
  • Less juice (which, I don't give much of this anyway) and milk, more water
  • Allow Karis to go outside every day (we do a pretty good job of this)

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