Monday, March 9, 2009

My New Shoes!!

I bought these shoes today! :) They are Simple brand, in their "Green Toe" line, made of all sustainable materials. I found them first at Whole Foods, then Robert and I searched for a better price, and found a pretty good one, but decided to wait. Then went to Whole Earth Provision (an AWESOME store with so many cool things- today just looking around, and they had them more than 1/2 off! And, they only had one left, in my size! It was meant to be :).
I always feel bad buying things for myself, but I haven't bought a new pair of shoes in a LONG time, and I needed some new ones. So, I got them. :)
Simple Shoes is an awesome company. Check them out!

Robert and I have turned into such hippies. I promise I still wear a bra! And, we don't do drugs :).
**** Correction- my friend reminded me what real hippies are, and we are NOT hippies :), we just love natural things!

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Susana said...

I want a pair of shoes like these, too! This one is really cute and I love brown. Good thing you found them first;)

I hope I find a similar deal 'cause w/ 7 kids I rarely buy anything new for myself either!

and I'm with you on the Hippy thing. I used to think of myself this way, but hippies really aren't anything to emulate. What would be a better term?????